5 Good Reasons To Use WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is an e-commerce plug-in for a WordPress website that extends the capabilities of this popular content management system (CMS). It turns a static website into an easy to use online store where goods or services are sold 24/7 all the year round.

This is huge selling point for any business wanting to trade over the internet but is uncertain about which CMS to choose. Faced with a plethora of choices all of which have their pluses and minuses, the difficult decision is whether to go for a custom CMS or a free, open-source CMS such as WordPress.

Statistics show that nearly 50% of websites are built with WordPress and this trend looks set to continue.

Open source v custom CMS

There are pro’s and con’s with both: however an open source CMS has a big advantage with its vast range of plug-ins that broaden the functionality of your website whilst enabling you to customise it to suit your business needs.

For the sake of argument, we will assume you have chosen WordPress as your preferred CMS. Now, the next question is how to turn your WordPress site into a highly ranked, usable entity with a great reputation via social media.

The answer to that is simple: WooCommerce. This free e-commerce download has a range of features including PayPal/Google shopping cart integration, coupon codes, discounts, ability to handle multiple currencies and a single page checkout system.

Why your business needs WooCommerce

Here are 5 reasons for doing so:

• Customisable
Personalise your business by creating a custom made theme. You can make sure that your business has a totally bespoke look, different to those built from the standard themes, and this will ensure it works better for your and your business.

• In-built analytics tool
Evaluate the performance of your site with an in-built analytics tool that collects all the data you need.

• Easy to use
WooCommerce scores highly on the user experience front. It is easy to use with many users able to do their own maintenance once set up with few technical skills.

• Extend and thrive
Your web designer should be able to increase the functionality of your site with WooCommerce, making it easier for your customers to buy from you. Choices include points and rewards, and product add-ons.

• Build your business
Manage your online business using any of the widgets, templates or API’s. A good web designer will know what you want and be able to deliver the perfect website using WooCommerce, and it can fit any size of business.

WooCommerce is the perfect choice for businesses, large or small that want a successful, online presence. That always delivers on its promises.

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