How to be a happy WooCommerce developer

August 31, 2015 . by Aaron B . 4 minute read . in Business

Working in web development, sat in front of a computer screen all day, it’s easy to feel a bit fed-up and isolated from time to time. For most of us, the decision to go freelance is grounded in the pursuit of greater happiness, yet all too often the pressure of running a business can have […]

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De-stressing & meditation as a freelance WordPress developer

August 20, 2015 . by Aaron B . 4 minute read . in Business

The life of a freelancer, contrary to popular belief, can be an extremely stressful one. Despite our best efforts to pursue that mythical ‘healthy work life balance’, long and unsociable working hours are not uncommon. Add to that the occasionally crushing weight of total responsibility for your own productivity, lack of financial security, the stress […]

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Productivity tips for freelancers

August 19, 2015 . by Aaron B . 5 minute read . in Business

You’ve decided to take the plunge and become a full time freelancer. You’re loving it; it’s everything you wanted it to be – but how can you make sure you keep things ticking over once the initial determination and energetic enthusiasm lessens, as it mostly likely will once the novelty of 10am starts wears off […]

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Freelancing – What do you need to know?

August 18, 2015 . by Aaron B . 4 minute read . in Business

So, you’re thinking about going freelance. Good for you! Freelancing is great, but it’s not all lie-ins, garden offices and extended lunch ‘meetings’. Before you take the plunge and hand in your notice, what do you need to think about? Whilst freelancing may look like sunshine and rainbows from the outside, it isn’t for everyone. […]

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How to get WooCommerce price in decimals superscript, or subscript.

August 1, 2015 . by Aaron B . 1 minute read . in Code Tips

This snippet will help you strip down the price markup from WooCommerce. On a recent project I used this to add <sup></sup> to the last two decimals for the shopping basket in the header. However you could use this for a number of things. // Get the total of the cart $total = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_total(); // […]

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