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With billions of Internet users surfing the net daily it’s illogical for a business not to have Internet exposure. However, making a website for business purposes can be draining; on time, costs and energy resources. There is a solution – WordPress. First released in the year 2003 it now powers one in every six sites on the net today. There must be a good reason for this, I hear you ask. Well there are many, and we’ve found 10 of the very best here:

1. WordPress is easy to setup: Almost anyone can use WordPress, the first step is to go to WordPress and simply sign up for your own, free, account. It should take no more than two minutes for your website to be up and running. Then all you have to do is choose your template and add your content.

2. WordPress is good for both your blog and your website: When WordPress began it was initially a blogging system and is now the most popular systems for blogging on the entire web but it’s also evolved into a full-featured web content management system which means it can cater for your entire website, not just your blog.

3. Thousands of professionally designed themes – many available for free: WordPress provides the ability to have a professionally designed website without the need to hire a web or graphic designer.

4. WordPress Plugins: WordPress can be seen as a blank canvas. It’s yours to do as you wish with and whether you want the simple add on of a contact form or a complete new system, there’s literally thousands of WordPress plugins available to add more advanced functionality to your site.

5. It’s search engine friendly: WordPress enhances your search engine optimizations and removes many issues with SEO that are often associated with other hosts. Many plugins are available to assist with SEO, such as Yoast, which allows you to view how well your pages are performing against SEO guidelines.

6. It’s Extremely Popular: WordPress has proven itself tender fold during its busy 11 years and is now responsible for powering more than 20% of all websites today – they can’t all be wrong!

7. There’s a whole community: WordPress has a league of fanatics across the globe, many of which meet through forums or even in person at specialised WordPress events. So, if you require support, want to swap ideas or show off your skills then there’s always going to be a place to talk about it.

8. Compatible for mobile devices: It has been predicted that by 2015 there will be as many mobile Internet users as there are people in the world. It is also very clear that mobile website usage is exploding and so it’s paramount that your website looks good as well as functions well on a smaller screen – with WordPress it does!

9. It’s tried and tested: The years have been busy for WordPress but they’ve not wasted any time in improving their initial offerings. There’s been a vast amount of refinements, tests and enhancements to turn the system into what we have today.

10. It’s an open source: WordPress is free from commercial limitations and restrictions meaning that you can use it in anyway you like and host your website anywhere you want, giving you total control.

Whatever reason you’re looking into a WordPress website, chances are one or more of the above will appeal to you. Isn’t it time you asked your web designer what they could do with WordPress?

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